Joshua Ziggy - Warehouse Live Sessions


an empty warehouse, misty neon lights, a band and a film crew in one place...what else but a live session. this is part one for a series of three of my original songs. first up my latest release Only You 🌹

massive thank you to everyone who was involved in creating this special warehouse shoot. surrounded by so much professionalism 🙌🏼 and then there's me kind of going with the flow of everything 😅

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~ Credits ~

  • director/editor 🎬@liamwoolmerthompson
  • dop 🎥
  • cam op 📹 @xcaolanx
  • sound engineers 🎛@mollyvioletmckenna & Hamish Rosewarne
  • runner 🏃@aydeberg

as always the boys 🤘🏼
🥁 @joshbawden
🎸 @harv
🎸 @vincenzo_capodivento