LD Artist Spotlights - Neeta Sarl // Ampify Music


A collection of content created during the multiple lockdowns of Corona. These videos aimed to highlight artists from all around the world, the amazing Soundpacks they make for the Ampify Apps and their musical backstory. These were made even if there was no access to equipment or freelancers allowing some artists to film on their phone and get themselves on a platform.

This series began as an idea between myself and the artist manager at Ampify Music in an attempt to give artists a platform despite lack of budget and gear.

This video in-particular is come from my ideation, and is production managed by myself but production itself is outsourced. 

After a year full of chaos and uncertainty, we found time to explore calmness and serenity with Ampify Sounds producer and musician, Neeta Sarl.

Neeta’s excitement when making music is to find sounds no one else has used before. This is highlighted in her newest soundpack ‘Organic Whispers’, which is a treasure trove of foley for electronic music producers.